Our Story

In 2015, Chaz McAlpin launched AbilityTV. AbilityTV  is an online TV Channel and Video Production Company with programmes, TV ads, Sponsorship and promotional Videos all produced by People Living with a Disability and providing a ‘gateway’ to the Media Industry by offering Training and Work Experience in all aspects of Production in-front of and behind the camera.

It will be in the style of a Magazine Online TV Programme (celebrity driven). Focusing on the positive issues of health, wellness and disability. (Initially streamed online with a view to have a Sky/Freeview Channel in the future)

The content will be a balance of Entertainment, Drama, Sport, Information and Inspiration, including uplifting human stories such as “The Day’s of My Life” showing the challenges of living with various disabilities as this link shows: www.abilitytv.co.uk/abilitytv-video

The programme will include behind the scenes content of the production crew showcasing their production skills in creating programmes. Highlighting Health, Happiness and Wellness alongside Disability. Their individual disability will be secondary as emphasis will be on their Ability.