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Some people who have had to have a limb removed have been in accidents, which lead to a drastic change to the way they lived before. Some people suffer horrible illnesses that, again, mean their lives are much different from what they are used to. Imagine what it is like for the people who are born with missing limbs. Living no other life than one where they have to train themselves to live in a way others may find impossible.


An example of one of these amazing people is a woman called Swapna Augustine, who lives in Kerala. Swapna was born without arms but that has not stopped her in becoming a brilliant artist. She has been taught to not only use her feet for the normal, standing and walking, but she uses them as hands as well. She holds a paintbrush in between her toes and has a breath taking talent. An article on says ‘Even as a child, she had made a habit of performing all tasks by herself’. I think she can give us a different perspective, she has never given up on what she wants to do and she has not made life easier for herself by accepting a lot of help. The next time I think to myself ‘I can’t do this’ or if I’m too lazy to try harder to get to be where I want to be, I’m going to think about Swapna because she is such an inspiration.


Another woman called Zuly Sanguino, from Columbia, has made a career out of being inspirational. She was born without arms or legs and went through her school life being bullied. Bullying is not unusual in schools, however I find it absolutely disgusting that Zuly got bullied for just being born the way she was. She was called an ‘alien’ which is horrific! Now, she is an inspirational speaker and tells her story to others. Please watch the video below, see for yourself what an inspiring lady she is.


Taking a more humorous approach at inspirational speaking is Nick Vujicic from Melbourne. He, again, was born without arms and legs. He goes round to different schools and businesses telling people to love themselves for the way they are and to appreciate what they have. He also isn’t afraid of making light-hearted jokes about his condition either. Please also watch his video for a funny, tearful and heart-warming man to make you feel better about life.


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