Paralympic Predictions - Mary Jordan B6

When I started this blog I made some paralympic predictions. People who have done well in the past, people who I thought and hoped would do well this year. This year at Rio has been an incredible victory- Team GB coming second on the medal table.

The last time I wrote about the paralympics I mentioned wheelchair tennis champion Gordon Reid. He has made history by being the first member of Team GB to be mens singles Paralympic champion. Briliantly, it was an all GB final for the mens singles which Reid had to compete against his doubles partner Alfie Hewett. I'm sure there were no hurt feelings between the pair of them seeing as they went on to win the doubles as well. Clearly, Wimbledon was just a sneak preview of how these two work so well together. A huge congratulations to Jordanne Whiley and her partner Lucy Shuker who won the bronze for womens doubles wheelchair tennis.

Another prediction I made was about Jonnie Peacock, T44 men's 100 metres sprinter. Well done to him for winning the gold again at only his second Paralympics. It was a clear win from him and seeing the joy on his face when he crossed the line is truely inspiring. Looking at the interviews of him after his win he looks like the most genuine man who can make us all proud to be British. A very deserving winner.

Lastly, I wrote about British favourite Ellie Simmonds. Yet again she has left this years Paralympics a champion, winning the bronze for 400m freestyle S6 and the gold for 200m individual medley SM6. She seems like such a lovely, warmhearted girl who is a joy to watch. Watching her interviews are always so nice to see as she talks about watching other athletes in Team GB win medals. A lot of the athletes say they get inspired by other people wininng, wanting to do as well as them and make everyone proud. Well they do. This years Paralympics was another great victory from everyone involved. Congratulations to everyone, I can't wait to see how they improve in the next four years.

, Mary Jordan