The Benefits of Being Blind - Mary Jordan B4

YouTube is a great way to get what you’re selling across to the public. Whether that is selling clothes, makeup or yourself- not like that- it is a fast and easy way to grab the public’s attention. Lately, there have been a lot of people with disabilities proving that they can make the same type of YouTube videos that anyone else can make.


An example of this is a brilliant young woman called Jordan Bone who does makeup tutorials online. She was in a car crash and is paralysed so can not open or close her hands, however that does not stop her from showing the public that she is a very skilled makeup artist. In her videos she holds the brushes between her thumb and closed hand using only the thumb as a slight balance to keep the brush steady. I have no interest in make up. I hardly wear any and in the past have had to have my four-year-old niece show me what eyeliner is. Saying this does not mean that I’m not extremely impressed by Jordan’s videos, I find them absolutely mesmerising. The makeup she can do with hands that can’t open I would never know how to do with both my fully functioning hands even if there were eight specialists telling me how to do it. What a wonderfully inspiring woman she is.


Lucy Edwards is a girl who also does online make up tutorials who, due to a rare genetic condition, is blind. A video that I have seen of hers is about different sponges for putting on foundation. All she has to do is feel around the sponge to know what would be best for the technique she is going for and to dab it against her face so that she can feel which is best for her skin; she just knows what it is going to look like… even though she can not see! I find that absolutely astonishing and, as with Jordan, it is mesmerising watching her videos. Her confidence is inspiring. She doesn’t have to be able to see her face to know that she is proud of her make up; this is something I think all girls could learn.


Tommy Edison is also blind; however he is not showing off his makeup skills. He is a comedian who focuses on his disabilities rather than dismisses them like the girls I have mentioned above. I have very high hopes for this man; he is extremely funny and says it like it is. He does not sugar coat what it is like to be blind, however he doesn’t make us feel sorry for him either. In one of his videos he makes one-line jokes about the positives of being blind, such as “You never have to worry about drinking and driving”. He also makes light hearted jokes about his condition, such as “Every single woman I’ve been with is a 10”. His warm energy and infectious laugh is so lovely to watch I would recommend him to anyone.


Some people love to be noticed. They thrive to be one in a million. These people are just some of the entertainers who want to share their talents to the world. I think it is absolutely wonderful that they are not letting their disabilities stop them from being in the public eye. They aren’t hiding away and keeping themselves to themselves. Not a lot of people have the confidence to make YouTube videos so the fact that these people have is an achievement in itself. They are a reminder that disabilities don’t mean you can’t do something it just means you may have to try a bit harder to get to where you want to be.


Links to YouTube videos mentioned:

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, Mary Jordan