The Paralympics is amazing - Mary Jordan B2

The Paralympics is amazing. These people are not only some of the greatest athletes in the world but they are the true definition of inspiration. Personally I’m not a huge fan of sport, but the Paralympics is different. It brings a whole nation together to support sports stars that have had to face horrible circumstances in their life to get to be where they are now.

One sport that I have always been interested in is tennis. Having grown up watching Wimbledon it is one of the only sports that I know what is going on, know how the scoring system works and actually get enthusiastic about watching it. Gordon Reid and Jordanne Whiley did brilliantly at both the singles and the doubles at this year’s Wimbledon and it looks like they’re in good preparation for Rio. Over the last few years they have both been playing very well at other tournaments too, such as the French Open. This year, however, they have done exceptionally well at all the tournaments they have played in and we are all so proud of them. You just had to see the look on the faces of Reid and his partner Alfie Hewett when they won the doubles at Wimbledon this year to know they were more than a bit excited about their future. They’re an inspiration to us all. Tennis is an exciting and tense game, and the game being in wheelchairs definitely does not take away this tension.

At the London Paralympics 19 year old Jonnie Peacock won the gold for 100 metres at his first ever Paralympic games. Since then he has done incredibly well in other competitions such as IPC World Championships and the European Championships where he got the gold in both of them. What an amazing man he is! We are all so proud of him and really hope he does well again this year. I can’t believe that he won’t do well.

Another of Britain’s favourites from previous years is para-swimmer Ellie Simmonds OBE. She has won countless awards not only in the last two Paralympics but also in World and European Championships. She is a massive inspiration to the entire nation and we’re incredibly proud of what she has achieved over the last eight years. She won the gold when she was just 13 years old! Most 13 year old girls are buying cheap makeup, annoying their parents and staring at their phones. I bet I speak for us all when I say we can’t wait to see how well she performs this year in Rio when she impresses everyone all over again.

, Mary Jordan