University is hard - Mary Jordan B1

University is hard. It is really hard. It’s hard work juggling a social life, getting all your work done to the best of your ability, having a job and remembering to ring your mum once a week to let her know you’re still alive. It is especially hard when you’re an aspiring script writer on a course that is essay based and you have dyslexia. This is me, a dyslexic hopeful scriptwriter who has just finished a three year course at university. I ended up with a 2:2 overall, and if you read any of my essays you would be just as surprised as I was.

Dyslexia is a very common disability and it seems to happen a lot in people who are more creative. Luckily, a lot of people find this out at a young age and get extra help at school and at futher education. This did not happen with me. I didn’t find out I was dyslexic until my second year of university when one of my lecturers told me; she is also dyslexic so spotted it in me. You’d think because I didn’t find out I am dyslexic until I was 19 that it isn’t that serious and I can deal with it. Wrong! I also have Meares- Irlen so I have to wear glasses with yellow lenses in just so I can read without struggling as much. I also have dyspraxia which just means I fall over a lot and can’t tell my left from my right. While I was in Sixth form I got kicked off my drama and theatre studies course because I could not write essays well enough. I loved drama, it was one of my favourite subjects and I loved the practical work. I got given three opportunities to do the same essay and I failed it all three times. So instead of the teachers helping me or even mentioning the word dyslexia, they just decide to chuck me off my favourite lesson. Bit of a knock to my confidence.

I was convinced I was not going to get to university or even get through my A levels, but I scraped through school and did better at university than I would have ever thought. But what I want to do in the future is write British comedy television programmes. It is fun, it is interesting and it doesn’t involve Harvard referencing. I wrote an episode of a series called ‘HALLS’ for university and worked with a group to get the episode made. It was amazing seeing actors say the words I had written and playing the characters that were once in my head. It’s cheesy to say but that’s when it hit me that if you want to do something there’s no point feeling defeated every time someone says you can’t do it. I have been in contact with people from film companies who are interested in ‘HALLS’ and have asked me to write more episodes.

Dyslexia is infuriating. Dyslexia makes your eyes and head hurt. Dyslexia makes you feel like an idiot sometimes. But I’m not going to let it stop me having a go at being a writer because it is what I have wanted to do for a long time. I have been very proud of what I have done so far, finishing university is an accomplishment in itself but getting a better grade than I could have imagined feels great. If I can do it- anyone can. That’s not me insulting myself, that’s me saying anyone can do anything they want to do.


, Mary Jordan